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Google SEO ranking factor

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important to improve the website’s traffic and it is already known that Google uses an algorithm in ranking websites on its results page. This algorithm is very difficult to solve even by top specialists. It is not easy to rank in the top pages of Google. It requires certain work to be done. We will see the Google SEO ranking factors and an example of good SEO requirement.

Top Google SEO ranking factor

Google search bots sweep through the internet and add pages that are optimized and crawlable pages to the index of Google. It separates in catalogs and when you search Google it shows the appropriate results. Following are the top 5 Google SEO ranking factor.

Accessible URL

Quality backlinks

Valuable content

Meta descriptions

Mobile-friendly pages

A good SEO can always be seen in all the online shopping sites. For example, if you look for a mobile phone, it displays all the mobile phones of specific price range and exact models manufactured by different companies. This is because they have used all the necessary requirements accurately and hence Google crawls and gives their results as top.