SEO Ranking Factor


Google SEO ranking factor

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important to improve the website’s traffic and it is already known that Google uses an algorithm in ranking websites on its results page. This algorithm is very difficult to solve even by top specialists. It is not easy to rank in the top pages of Google. It requires certain work to be done. We will see the Google SEO ranking factors and an example of good SEO requirement.

Top Google SEO ranking factor

Google search bots sweep through the internet and add pages that are optimized and crawlable pages to the index of Google. It separates in catalogs and when you search Google it shows the appropriate results. Following are the top 5 Google SEO ranking factor.

Accessible URL

A right URL with specific names must be used so that Google search bots can crawl. The domain we use is very important and it should have domain age and keyword relevance. This is why new websites even with Search Engine Optimized content takes time to show up on the results page compared to older domains. This is known as ‘Domain authority’ and the content with higher authority level displays on the top results page. As far as URL is concerned the keywords mentioned on them is taken into account as you can see the keywords bolded in the domain.

Quality backlinks

The quality backlinks are considered as the most important factor for Google ranking. The links acts as a pathway and the destination is the landing page. If an authority website uses backlinks that acts as a path to your website, then index your page as a landing. More backlinks you use in the website, more visitors will find your website.

Valuable content

The quality of the content determines the visitors return to your website. The content you write or use should be well written without any grammar mistakes, unique, informative, with hyperlinks, and should have used high volume of keywords. But here comes a problem of keyword stuffing. Use the keywords in relevant positions so that the users do not find them overused.

Meta descriptions

For improving clicks, Meta descriptions are proved to increase the return to websites. It is the content visitors see when they search for a query, instead of opening link to your website. Make sure the words you choose have all the important keywords.

Mobile-friendly pages

Your layout must provide instant response so that your users have a better landing on the website. Moreover, today we connect to everything through mobile. Hence your website must be user-friendly and easy to use.

A good SEO can always be seen in all the online shopping sites. For example, if you look for a mobile phone, it displays all the mobile phones of specific price range and exact models manufactured by different companies. This is because they have used all the necessary requirements accurately and hence Google crawls and gives their results as top.