Google SEO


All you need to know about Google SEO and how is it beneficial for the businesses

Search Engine Optimisation is the process through which you can increase the visibility of your website on search engines like Google. Since Google is the most widely used search engine thus SEO is also termed as Google SEO. This is useful and productive tool for all the businesses on the internet.

Having a website has become a must for any business out there. If you want to expand and grow getting your business a website and having online presence is the first step that you should take. These websites attract customers and leads and convert these potential customers into reliable and regular customers. 

How is Google SEO beneficial for the businesses?

If you want your business to achieve online success then SEO is the way to achieve it. The reasons why you should consider getting your website search engine optimised are:

  • SEO is the most pocket friendly marketing technique that one can use to promote their work. Though the result or ROI depends on various factors like competition, your quality and performance, website likeability and what business you run.
  • If you are ranked top most or are visible on the top results of the search engine, you will have better chances at converting the potential leads into the valuable customers. With SEO you may be able to get 2% to 5 % conversion rate which is considered quite good.
  • Through SEO results you get visitors who are reliable and are genuine. Through SEO you can get traffic that is organic and if you keep maintaining the website and updating it, your audience are bound to increase. Positioning of your website in the search engine matters a lot.
  • Get to know what more you need to do to defeat your competitors using the SEO. If you are top ranked in SEO most of the traffic will be directed to your business and thus increasing your returns in monetary terms. But if your competitor is top ranked then he is getting most of the traffic that could have reached to you if you were in that position.
  • When you have more traffic then it means more leads are becoming potential customers. This means your services or business is booming and making profit. Higher SEO ranking means more profit you will be making.
  • Results achieved by using SEO are long term in comparison to other advertisement ways you promote your brand. Your website just needs to be primed and pepped from time to time to attract more customers.

If you are still thinking whether you should invest in SEO practices then be sure it is going to give outstanding ROI. Only drawback is that it is not something that can happen overnight or fortnight as well. This process takes time at the very least is 6 months to have increase in Revenue, sales or get your brand name out. SEO is must in today’s digital marketing world.